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Rep. Michael Evans speaks at 2021...

Rep. Michael Evans speaks at 2021 Neshoba County Fair

By: Sarah Ulmer - July 29, 2021

State Rep. Michael Evans began his remarks reminiscing on his favorite things about the fair, recalling people having a good time.

Evans switched parties last year from Democrat to Independent. He said he was tired of the party politics, and it has been the best decision he has made politically.

Evans said he was relieved to finally see the kicking off of the Highway 19 project in Meridian.

“I really thought I’d see Jesus come back before that project was finished. We are finally going to get that done,” said Evans.

The state representative said the last two years in the Mississippi Legislature have seen better politics than years prior. He added he likes the “new Lieutenant Governor,” calling Hosemann an all-around good guy. He said it has made working across the aisle with the Senate much better.

Evans said the House’s biggest priority as of late is a new tax plan. He added that the plan they are looking at is good but is difficult to explain. He then attempted to put it into “common knowledge terms.”

“When you go to work every day and you get paid you pay four percent to the state. Well these local guys who don’t work sitting at home, smoking crack and meth, they pay zero. They pay nothing,” said Evans. “What this tax plan does is take you paying four percent to zero. You’ll be paying the same thing as those who don’t work are paying.”

He added that the next part of the plan will help the needy and elderly by cutting the grocery tax from seven percent to four percent. He said to pay for this it will increase sales tax by two percent. Evans urged that it seemed like a fair plan to him.

The next big-ticket item is marijuana. He said people in Mississippi voted for it and state legislators are obligated to go back and make sure the program happens.

He said he believes as soon as the ballot initiative is fixed, recreational marijuana will be put on the ballot. Therefore, he thinks the legislature should go ahead and tackle a recreational marijuana program as well.

Evans anticipates they will go back at some point to handle the issue.

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