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WIEDIE – When the far right is...

WIEDIE – When the far right is not right

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 10, 2015


Once again the fight comes down to recognizing political reality, or marching off a cliff to almost certain failure.” The WSJ, like Rep. King, recognized that because enough votes could not be secured in the Senate to include a provision to overturn President Obama’s executive immigration order, funding for the Department of Homeland Security had to be a stand alone vote. The editorial notes that about 50 of the GOP members of the House “care more about appeasing talk radio than achieving conservative victories.” I suggest you go back and read the entire editorial about the Republican “cliff marchers.”

Political purity is wonderful but it doesn’t help when it prevents you from winning. Political purity is wonderful but it doesn’t help when all it does is assist your political opponents. Does this really make a difference to tea party activists in Mississippi or the Republicans in Congress who want to march off a cliff? I’m afraid not.

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