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College Season Sputtering to a Finish

College Season Sputtering to a Finish

By: Magnolia Tribune - November 13, 2009

College Season Sputtering to a Finish

For years, college football’s commissioners and presidents have clung to their standard line about why the sport would not institute a postseason playoff model.

Those who oversee the Bowl Championship Series are so concerned by the thought of a playoff that at the B.C.S. meetings in Florida two years ago, they voted not to even discuss the issue.

Instead, they have continuously offered the idea that “every week is a playoff” and that college presidents are spooked by the notion of the sport becoming too commercial and, gulp, too professional.

But with a pedestrian Heisman Trophy field, no elite team that scintillates the masses and virtually no chance of a team outside the Big Three crashing the national title game, this college football season is sputtering to the finish.

As the regular season pushes toward its final three weeks, there does not appear to be a single competitive game left on the schedule that directly relates to the national title.

It is a three-horse race, with Texas, Florida and Alabama all running against claimers.

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