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Meyer Won’t Be Able to Avoid...

Meyer Won’t Be Able to Avoid Irish Itch

By: Magnolia Tribune - November 13, 2009

Meyer Won’t Be Able to Avoid Irish Itch

The dog ate my homework.

The check is in the mail.

“I’m not going to Notre Dame. Ever.”

Unless you believe something along the lines that the folks at Touchdown Jesus will spray paint the Golden Dome, Urban Meyer will become the next head football coach for the Fighting Irish. Sometime.

It’s going to happen, all right. Meyer will end his brilliant stint with the Florida Gators for a return to South Bend, Ind., where he left his heart as a Notre Dame assistant coach from 1996 to 2000. It’s going to happen, because unless you haven’t been paying attention, Meyer keeps saying how much he covets the Notre Dame job. He said so emphatically during a radio show on a South Florida station in December 2008. He also wrote as much two summers ago in his authorized biography.

Meyer has yet to claim that he misquoted himself.

It’s going to happen, because after NFL-bound Tim Tebow spends January giving Meyer either a third national championship in four years or something close, Meyer will be bigger than Steve Spurrier, the ol’ ball coach who invented the Mighty Gators. So, at that point, with his Florida and national legacy intact for the ages, and as a devout Catholic named after a bunch of Popes, Meyer will be free to follow his heart to the most Catholic place this side of the Vatican.

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