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Bill stumps for Hillary on Miss. coast

Bill stumps for Hillary on Miss. coast

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 9, 2008

Bill stumps for Hillary on Miss. coast

Clinton later spoke at a high school in Biloxi, where he said he disagrees with those who frame the race between Obama and Clinton as a choice between “change versus experience.”

“She is change you can depend on,” he said of his wife.

Donna Denison, 34, of Biloxi, said Katrina didn’t factor into her decision to support Clinton, even though she went through the trauma of riding out the storm at home and endured its chaotic aftermath.

“It’s not a situation where a different president is going to make such a big difference compared to other things,” she said. “The local level is where you have the most influence” on storm recovery.

A man carrying a “Stop the 9/11 Cover Up” interrupted Clinton’s Biloxi speech before police led him out of the gymnasium. Clinton dismissed the protester’s message as “nuts” and said he’d be more tolerant of such disruptions if his wife didn’t represent New York in the Senate.

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