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MS Top 50 Nominations Are Open

MS Top 50 Nominations Are Open

By: Russ Latino - December 1, 2023

Nominations for Seventh Annual MS Top 50 Awards are open from December 1st-December 31st.

Mississippi Top 50 is an annual recognition of the people judged to be the most influential leaders in the state. The awards are given to government, business, media, culture and community leaders who are making a difference across Mississippi. 

In addition to the Top 50, special recognition is given annually to two “Hall of Fame” recipients who have made lasting contributions to Mississippi and its people. This year, recognition will also be given, for the first time, to ten emerging leaders under 40 who will help pave a brighter future. 

You can nominate a deserving person at MS Top 50 nominations. Nominations are open from December 1st until December 31st. An event recognizing winners will be held in Spring 2024. More information will be provided about the event closer to its date.

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Russ Latino

Russ is a proud Mississippian and the founder of Magnolia Tribune Institute. His research and writing have been published across the country in newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal, National Review, USA Today, The Hill, and The Washington Examiner, among other prominent publications. Russ has served as a national spokesman with outlets like Politico and Bloomberg. He has frequently been called on by both the media and decisionmakers to provide public policy analysis and testimony. In founding Magnolia Tribune Institute, he seeks to build on more than a decade of organizational leadership and communications experience to ensure Mississippians have access to news they can trust and opinion that makes them think deeply. Prior to beginning his non-profit career, Russ practiced business and constitutional law for a decade. Email Russ: