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Guest Highlights Effects of Biden...

Guest Highlights Effects of Biden Administration Border Decisions

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 5, 2021

Last month, Congressman Michael Guest (MS-03) joined other House Republicans in two letters to President Joe Biden that warn of a looming border crisis, citing rising numbers of apprehensions and unaccompanied minors each day. Today, two SUVs carrying illegal migrants crashed in an attempted border crossing, taking the lives of at least 10 Mexican nationals and 3 more of unknown nationality.

In the time since the letters were sent, White House press secretary Jen Psaki and Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas have stopped short of acknowledging the situation is a crisis, despite claims by U.S. officials to the contrary.

In the letters, the Republicans point to decisions made by the Biden Administration to encourage illegal immigration and note that many migrants began preparing for a crossing in the early days of Joe Biden’s presidency in anticipation of the administration’s leniency.

In a letter signed by Congressman Guest and sent to President Joe Biden on February 9, 2021, the authors state, “Even before your inauguration, illegal migration numbers were increasing with the transition to your Administration and anticipated policies… Despite these rising numbers, on your first day as President, you signed multiple Executive Orders (EO) aimed at dismantling the security of our borders – rescinding policies from the Trump Administration that were working as intended to halt the flow of illegal migration. The Biden Administration directives on stopping the building of border infrastructure, revoking policies aimed at carrying out interior enforcement, halting deportations for 100 days, and suspending the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) enrollment have all communicated that our borders are open.”

In a letter the following day, Congressman Guest joined Members of the Committee on Homeland Committee in a letter to President Biden again warning of the implications of the Administration’s actions. In the letter, the authors state, “Following your decision to back down from our previous security posture, we are seeing worrying trends similar to those that led to the 2019 Border Crisis. This time, the situation is made worse by the ongoing global pandemic, increasing humanitarian and public health risks… If you are, indeed, serious about finding common ground on homeland security issues important to the lives of Americans, let us return to a time—not too long ago—when Democrats joined Republicans in supporting increased funding to secure our border, including physical barriers and other commonsense security and enforcement measures. We would stand ready to work with you in support of strong border security and immigration policies that protect the health, safety, and security of the United States.”


Release from Congressman Michael Guest.

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