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Go Vote, Mississippi (2015 edition)

Go Vote, Mississippi (2015 edition)

By: Magnolia Tribune - November 3, 2015

The polls will be open today from 7am-7pm in Mississippi. Don’t allow the perceived up-ticket inevitability to keep you home and away from voting. As we’ve seen in years past, nothing can be taken for granted when Mississippi votes.

Mississippi Republicans have a real chance at unseating incumbent Democrat Jim Hood at Attorney General by supporting Mike Hurst. Hood was a reluctant candidate and has shown his true liberal colors in recent weeks, carrying the Democrat banner and promoting flipping the state House and changing the Speaker. Hurst, however, is offering a conservative way forward challenging federal overreach and prosecuting public corruption. The GOP is united behind Hurst, and concerned conservative voters would do well to follow the lead of Gov. Bryant, Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves, and other Republicans backing Hurst for AG.

Unless Republicans go vote en masse, it is the bottom of the ballot that could significantly change our local and state government for years to come, and not in a fiscally sound, conservative manner. For those of you still confused over how to vote against Initiative 42, here’s your guide.

How to vote against Initiative 42 photo image_zpsxytb6avn.jpeg

Another hot button today will be state House races and the Central and Southern District Public Service Commission seats. Democrats are attempting to take control of all three, however only the PSC looks to be in their possible grasps at this point. Yet, again, that’s why it’s important to go vote. Nothing is concrete.

Take a few minutes today to let your voice be heard. Honor the sacrifice of those who’ve died for this right and responsibility, and be a defender of sound, principled public policy for the future of this state by casting your ballot.

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Go vote, Mississippi.

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