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MIM observations on today’s...

MIM observations on today’s runoff

By: Magnolia Tribune - August 23, 2011

MIM observations on today’s runoff

Today is runoff day for two statewide offices, several legislative seats, and various county offices. Here are a few observations as voters head to the polls.

Headlining the day is the gubernatorial runoff on the Democratic side. It hasn’t received as much attention as you’d think, but that could have something to do with the uphill battle that awaits the winner of this race- regardless of who the winner is. Conventional wisdom says either Bill Luckett or Johnny DuPree will lose to Phil Bryant, but that DuPree, being African-American, could help drive up the black vote- not enough to win his race but possibly to the point that it may tip a few House and Senate races.

Majority in Mississippi

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