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Haley Barbour’s New Hampshire...

Haley Barbour’s New Hampshire visit round-up

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 14, 2011

Boston Globe – Barbour: Southern charm vs. N.H. questions

BOW, N.H. – Southern charm collided with Yankee skepticism last night as Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour made his first visit of the year to New Hampshire as a prospective presidential candidate.

With his trademark drawl and affable demeanor, Barbour worked a crowd of about 30 people at the home of former New Hampshire Republican Party chairwoman Jayne Millerick, introducing himself by saying simply, “Hi, I’m Haley.”


Boston Globe – Barbour tells N.H. he would be ‘plainspoken’ candidate

BOW, N.H. – Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour tonight told an audience in the lead presidential primary state of New Hampshire he would offer “casual, comfortable, plainspoken commonsense” if he decided to seek the Republican nomination.

He argued that the American people “are tired of happy talk,” and need straight information about cutting government spending while also resisting the temptation to raise taxes.


POLITICO – Haley Barbour courts New Hampshire insiders

BOW, N.H. — Haley Barbour used his first night in New Hampshire as a bona fide presidential contender Wednesday to meet with elected officials and party activists, as he seeks to introduce himself within state Republican circles ahead of a likely White House bid.

The Mississippi governor engaged in a free flowing meet-and-greet at former state GOP chairwoman Jayne Millerick’s home here, where he worked the room and took a wide range of questions. Millerick, who supported John McCain in 2008 and is not yet committed to a candidate this time, introduced Barbour to roughly 30 of her friends and associates. Standing next to Millerick in her living room surround by pictures of her young children, Barbour spoke candidly with the small but engaged crowd — a group comfortable enough with the former GOP chairwoman that they broke into her liquor cabinet ahead of Barbour’s arrival.


The State – Gov. Haley Barbour talks Donald Trump

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour seemed to offer his take on the rising poll numbers of Donald Trump Tuesday, saying he would not read too much into them.

“I wouldn’t read too much into that in all candor,” Mr. Barbour said. “For some voters it may have just been that pure and simple, I’ve heard of Donald Trump, nobody else I’ve heard of I want to be for. So I’ll just park my vote for this little poll with Donald Trump.”

The Republican governor spent Wednesday in New Hampshire, less than a month after he canceled the trip due to complaints from state Democrats.


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