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You are all racists. Tom Head said so.

You are all racists. Tom Head said so.

By: Magnolia Tribune - October 19, 2005

Former alumni soon-to-be-Dr. Tom Head, in his newly formed blog, has decreed that you (loyal readers of have ill-thoughts against all young, black youths.

In a drivebyfrom his blog entry talking about Mayor Melton’s drug testing initiative,

I think Melton’s attitude is more paternalistic than adversarial, and there is a difference. That doesn’t mean that his approach is perfect, or that it will even prove to be tolerable, but it would take a lot for me to believe that the thoughts that pass through Melton’s mind when he thinks of low-income black youth are the same thoughts that pass through the mind of an average member of the North Jackson Angry Men’s Club. I simply can’t believe that. Not with his record.

Exactly who are you talking about Tom? Exactly what thoughts do we all share like mind-numbed robots? Inquiring minds want to know. Hopefully, he will remember how to edit his host file (again) and drop by to explain himself.

Tom is starting to remind me of Jesse Jackson. Before he got into politics, Jesse had great messages of civil rights, self-betterment and personal responsibility. Then he got into politics, started making a little money and COMPLETELY and totally sold out.

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