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Tuckered Out

Tuckered Out

By: Magnolia Tribune - October 10, 2005

By Bob Pittman

Special from The Independent

Governor Haley Barbour has enjoyed rare legislative success since his election to the state’s highest office. And a major reason for that success has been the unwavering support of the Governor’s program by the Lieutenant Governor, who presides over the Senate.

Now Republican party leaders are searching for a candidate who can win the next election and continue in an effective and influential role as leader of the Senate.

Lt. Gov. Amy Tuck, who abandoned the Democrat Party and pledged allegiance to Republicans just weeks before her reelection two years ago, won relatively easy reelection to her present post.

And, with her election, Tuck named strong Republican senators to head major committes of the Senate with a couple of exceptions, and those senators have followed her lead.

But Tuck is in her second term as lieutenant governor and she is prohibited by the state’s constitution to try for a third term. She is at the moment considering her options as a candidate for another high state governmental position.

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