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April 13, 2008

FOOTBALL: Nutt’s summary of spring drills

FOOTBALL: Nutt’s summary of spring drills Houston Nutt summarizes spring practice as the Rebels head into Saturday’s Red-Blue game: I’m proud of the way we’ve worked. The terminology changes, coaching changes … it’s not always easy. We’ve just got to keep getting better. There are some times at practice where things don’t go right, and there’s a defeated look that we want to correct. We harp on that. It goes back to that shut-off button, and a lot of little things that we have to correct, but it’s been a good spring. (Are the players better now than at the beginning of spring?) Anybody that has watched consistently would say they’re different, they’re better. Are we there? No, but I just love the start we’ve had. Now we want to turn the corner, be excellent students and finish strong, do all the little things right and have a great summer. We’re better. (The defense really threw a lot at you at the end of practice Wednesday …) There would have been some sacks, but I like sometimes playing good on good and letting them bring the house. I want to see how our guys react. If you come out here and choreograph success it doesn’t do you much good, but if you turn them loose, let them show you the speed of the game, let them see it, it just helps you. You can get back in the film room and really correct. We can be better teachers, and our guys can learn from it.