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Senate candidate Howard Sherman makes...

Senate candidate Howard Sherman makes intro statewide radio buy on urban radio stations . . . and the ads are priceless #mssen

By: Editor - April 12, 2018

by Alan Lange

While a lot of attention has been paid to the Republican side of the ledger in both US Senate campaigns, one candidate on the Democrat side is getting off to an early start introducing themselves to voters.  Howard Sherman, venture capitalist and husband of Sela Ward, has made an introductory radio buy on urban/gospel stations statewide introducing himself to voters.  In them, he takes a swing at Roger Wicker and pledges to help Mike Espy (who is an announced candidate in the other US Senate race).

The ads are tagged as produced by Trippi Communications as in Joe Trippi, national heavyweight Democrat consultant who has worked for Howard Dean and Jerry Brown among others.

Here they are in their entirety.

Ad Copy

Hope is coming to Mississippi.  It’s coming through a man named Howard Sherman.  Let me take a minute to tell you who he is.  Howard is running for the Senate so we can get rid of Roger Wicker, Trump’s biggest supporter. 

Howard’s married to our own Sela Ward.  They have two children and the live in Meridian.  Howard knows we need better schools and healthcare, and he knows how to create jobs.  We need a Democrat from Mississippi that will take care of our community.

You’ve never heard of Howard because he’s never been a politician.  He’s not part of the problem.  Howard is an outsider like a lot of us.  He and Sela built Hope Village, and they’ve helped hundreds of foster children find a better life. 

He wants to bring hope to Mississippi.  Help is coming and it looks like Howard Sherman.  We can win with Howard Sherman.

There are two things curious about this ad.  First, there are very few “outsiders” that sold a mansion to J-Lo for $28,000,000.  Second, the ad tags Republican Roger Wicker, who Sherman’s ad touts as “Trump’s biggest supporter”.  Sherman and his wife Sela Ward “maxed out” contributions to Wicker in 2017 (while claiming their residence in Beverly Hills, CA).








Ad copy

Lady – Who is Howard Sherman?

Man – Why, he’s a good man who lives over in Meridian with his wife Sela Ward.

Lady – OK.  I’m gonna need you to slow it down a little bit.  What do you know about Howard Sherman?

Man – I know he’s running for the US Senate.  I know if he gets there that he’ll fight for better schools and jobs for all of us.  I know he can help our friend, Mike Espy, win, too.

Lady – What makes you say that?

Man – Well, he’s helped a lot of foster children  . . . a lot of our children find a better life

Lady – Oh. OK.  I got you.  So that’s what he does.

Man – No.  He’s a job creator.  He’s not part of the same old same old.  Never been a politician.  He uses what he’s got to help others.

Lady – So are we gonna help Howard Sherman?  Should we help Howard Sherman?

Man – We should.  If Howard gets to the Senate, well, you’ll know a better Mississippi than I’ve ever known.

Lady – Well then, I’m for Howard Sherman.

The buy was made on Jackson stations WJMI, WKXI  and WRBJ.  In Tupelo the ads will run on WELO and WSEL.  In Columbus, it’s WMXU.  In Meridian it’s WJXM and WZKS.  In Hattiesburg, it’s WGDQ, WHDJ and WJMG. In Memphis, the ads are airing on WRBO.

Sherman starts off with the campaign with very low name ID.

Sherman’s main competitors in the Democrat primary are Rep. David Baria from the coast and Rep. Omeria Scott from Laurel.  Sherman’s chances of even getting through a primary will be difficult.

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