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State Rep. Anderson takes issue with...

State Rep. Anderson takes issue with Moss Point School Board appointment

By: Editor - January 1, 2018

Barbara Dumas-Marshall appointed to Moss Point school board, state rep. displeased

Senate Bill 2463 places the power of the vote back into the citizens hands for who they would like to see represent their children. After seeing Dumas-Marshall had been reappointed, Rep. Jeramey Anderson, who proposed the amendment, expressed his displeasure with her serving on the school board again.

“It is disappointing that the Moss Point Board of Aldermen would continue their regressive practices in their appointment to something so precious and important as our school board,” Anderson said. “The city failed to do their due diligence by delaying the appointment, causing them to rush and appoint someone at the last minute.”

Anderson continued, saying, “There failure to be proactive has once again effectively cut qualified individuals out of serving on the Moss Point School Board. Furthermore, it is disappointing that the individual appointed was not interested in serving in the democratic process.

By wishing to be appointed only, she rejected the notion that parents, teachers, and others in the community have the right to decide who is best fit to serve the need of the district’s children and those who work hard every day to educate them.

The Board’s appointment gave credence to circumventing the laws of this state. Their decision reinforces the need for this new school board election law and the decisions thereof to be entrusted to the people of this city as a whole.”


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