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BOBBY HARRISON ponders a Brandon...

BOBBY HARRISON ponders a Brandon Presley statewide campaign for the Democrats

By: Magnolia Tribune - August 27, 2014

BOBBY HARRISON: Presley connects, but could he raise money for statewide race?

Currently, Attorney General Jim Hood of Houston is Mississippi’s only statewide elected Democrat. He has survived all comers from a Republican Party that has grown dramatically in strength during his tenure in statewide office. But other than Hood, Mississippi Democrats do not have a very deep bench in terms of politicians who could be considered serious statewide candidates.

Presley, the current second-term Northern District public service commissioner, could.

He is by far the best communicator in the state in terms of getting his points across and connecting with his audience. Plus, he is a relentless campaigner.

Seldom, regardless of the audience, does Presley not gain favorable comments after his presentation. Presley is able to connect his brand of populism with an overall economic message for the state that connects with a wide variety of voters.

Presley is as good a retail politician as there is in the state right now. But could he raise the millions of dollars needed to run a credible statewide campaign?

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