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McDaniel team says Cochran motion to...

McDaniel team says Cochran motion to dismiss cites old law #MSSen

By: Magnolia Tribune - August 27, 2014

DAILY LEDES WITH SAM HALL: What Cochran, McDaniel say about dismissing challenge

There are other arguments — such as Jones County, where McDaniel filed, does not have jurisdiction — but the strongest argument is based on the timing.

McDaniel: Cochran argument cites old law

McDaniel’s response to Cochran’s motion to dismiss is that the incumbent’s legal team is basing their timeline argument on old law that is no longer applicable because state election laws have been updated since the 1959 case.

McDaniel’s response also says that the state Republican Party missed its own deadline to certify results of the runoff, and that McDaniel’s team wasn’t provided prompt access to voting records in many counties.

In other words, even if the timeline does exist, it would have been reset each time McDaniel had to seek a court order to gain access to voting records.

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