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Chris McDaniel begs for more money to...

Chris McDaniel begs for more money to continue the #mssen challenge fight

By: Magnolia Tribune - August 20, 2014

Today we learned that our election challenge is moving forward, and we’re very pleased to learn that Judge McGehee has a sense of both urgency and accuracy, and a strong commitment to the rule of law.

Will you chip in today to make sure we can see this challenge through to the end?

Here’s what we learned at today’s hearing:

Judge McGehee is moving forward quickly, and he wants to have this case decided before the November election.

He also indicated his authority to unseat Cochran if he were elected in November.

In another positive development, the judge communicated in a letter to circuit clerks that they should preserve the election records for the trial.

This is big news, and it is a clear sign the judge expects that evidence will be heard in court.

So, what does this mean for us?

It’s important to note that some in the media and Cochran’s camp are selling the canard that once the ballots are printed, that’s all she wrote. This is plainly false.

Now more than ever, we need our supporters to chip in and help us get across the finish line.

While the judge is trying to complete this trial in a timely manner as possible — and it would be most cost effective to reach a judgment prior to the printing of the ballots — the law is very clear that the challenge can continue even past the general election in November.

If the court rules in our favor after ballots have been printed, the ballots will be reprinted.

According to case law, if we are successful in this election challenge, Sen. Cochran could be required to vacate the seat even AFTER the November election.

As this trial is set to start, the discovery process will begin anew. Our attorneys will have to go into most of Mississippi’s 82 counties in order to examine the election records in question.

This will be a very costly endeavor, and we will need your support to help us keep the election process in Mississippi honest.

Will you chip in $35 or more to help us fight to for the integrity of the GOP?

Thanks for your support.


Chris McDaniel

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