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Ricky Cole: “It’s the last...

Ricky Cole: “It’s the last d*** chance.”

By: Magnolia Tribune - September 6, 2011

Ricky Cole: “It’s the last d*** chance.”

Rickey Cole, the Mississippi Democratic Party’s newly-appointed executive director, and state Sen. David Blount, D-Jackson, were among those who predicted a grim future for public employees if Republicans make gains.

Particularly at risk, they said, are defined benefits for the workers’ retirement system, and the future of the State Personnel Board, which sets policies to protect jobs for many state employees.

“This is not an important election, this is the last election,” Cole said.

“It’s the last d*** chance. It’s the last train leaving.

“If we don’t win the (state) House of Representatives, if we don’t win a majority in the Senate, if we don’t elect Johnny DuPree governor, then in six weeks there won’t be a State Personnel Board.

“You’ll have to promise to be a good Republican to get a job.”

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