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Candidates to define differences

Candidates to define differences

By: Magnolia Tribune - September 6, 2011

From the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal…

…..Of the upcoming election, DuPree said in a recent interview, “I think the turnout will be great. I think people will turn out because it will be about issues that concern them.”

Bryant said there will be opportunities in the coming weeks to differentiate between the two candidates.

“We will look at a number of debates,” said Bryant recently. “… I think both of us are certainly willing to debate on a number of occasions.”

Their positions already have been staked out to a certain extent during a grueling party primary process.

For instance, three initiatives will be on the ballot in November. Both say they support a proposal that would prohibit the government from taking private property for the use of another private entity.

Bryant, a fiscal and social conservative, has been a supporter of the anti-abortion personhood amendment that defines life as beginning at fertilization. DuPree, who also is against abortion, says he supports the initiative.

Bryant also has been an advocate of a third initiative – requiring people to have government-issued identification to vote. DuPree has said voter ID is not needed and has described voter ID as “a solution in search of a problem,” but said as the state’s chief executive officer he would enforce the voter ID initiative if it passes as expected….

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