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Commish chips away at BCS bloc

Commish chips away at BCS bloc

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 26, 2009

Commish chips away at BCS bloc

All the lobbying on Capitol Hill by Mountain West Conference commissioner Craig Thompson to change the football cartel that is the Bowl Championship Series might not bring us any closer to a true playoff system. Any saber-rattling about Utah not having equal access with Florida or Oklahoma to a No. 1 ranking might do nothing more than create a few headlines.
But if nobody speaks up or forces the college football dictators to confront the blatant discrimination they sign off on every fall, how can a broken system get fixed?

We’ll just continue the present haves-vs.-have-nots existence and act like it’s perfectly fine to rig the process in favor of six BCS conferences and Notre Dame, while leaving 51 other schools from five non-BCS leagues to fight for the crumbs.

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