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Who Is The Top College Football Team In...

Who Is The Top College Football Team In Each Conference This Decade?

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 27, 2009

Since we last left the discussion of what conference has the “bragging rights” as far as who is the best, a parallel conversation regarding who actually has those rights in the present decade in each of the BCS Conferences seems to be in order.

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The Southeastern Conference

Have time for an argument? The SEC produces a brain-buster with LSU and Florida.

The Tigers have won two BCS titles and three conference titles. So have the Gators.

Georgia won the league twice and Auburn once, but neither can enter the argument about who is the team of the decade in the SEC.

The Solomon way to resolve this argument is to say that since 2009 is the final year of the decade we will wait until this season is over before passing judgement.

Hey, maybe the SEC should go back to sharing titles!

So there we have it. The premier team of each BCS conference has been saluted and recognized.

What we need now is an argument over internal statistics such as who won the most conference games, who was ranked higher more often, and even who won more division crowns and lost more title games. Like that matters.

You know who the best team in each conference is this decade. Sometimes it goes down hard to swallow but, we all have to take our medicine and hope we can do better the next year.


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