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This time, we’ve got to believe...

This time, we’ve got to believe it’s for real – Favre

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 12, 2009

This time, we’ve got to believe it’s for real – Favre

Somehow, you’ve got to believe this is it.
Brett Favre is hanging ‘em up. For real. No more qualifiers. His body has told him it’s time. His mind has given up the fight.

The storybook ending didn’t happen, not with the Green Bay Packers, certainly not the New York Jets, but he played the game with a rare blend of passion and purpose. When Favre and the Jets grabbed the AFC East lead with an 8-3 record last November, it was easy to see him playing well past his 40th birthday.
When they crashed and burned down the stretch, it was just as easy to see this time had come.

Favre forced the Packers’ hand over the summer, returning to the NFL after a brief retirement. He certainly had the right to play. The Jets took a calculated risk in trading for him, and for 11 games, it looked like it would pay off.

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