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Mississippi’s Big 3 weather hard...

Mississippi’s Big 3 weather hard times — for now

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 12, 2009

Mississippi’s Big 3 weather hard times — for now

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — Southern Miss set a record for football season ticket sales. More than 30,000 Mississippi fans made the trip to Dallas for the Cotton Bowl. And at Mississippi State, baseball season ticket sales are ahead of last year’s pace even though the Bulldogs were coming off a College World Series trip.

Yet the directors of the state’s three biggest athletic departments are taking hard looks at their budgets in anticipation of lean times ahead as the economy continues its freefall.
“I think it’s something that everybody’s got to look at because the economy is affecting everybody and everybody is involved in it,” Southern Miss athletic director Richard Giannini said.
“The thing that we don’t know about at this point is how it may affect us next year or this coming fall with football tickets, and I think everybody across the country in all sports, whether it’s NASCAR or Major League Baseball, everybody is looking at a downward trend.”

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