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Tide Nation takes a hit

Tide Nation takes a hit

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 25, 2008

Tide Nation takes a hit

Latest arrest brings another black eye to Alabama program
The man without a position is now the man without a team, school and possibly his freedom in the not-too-distant future.
Yes, Tuesday morning’s arrest of Alabama football player Jimmy Johns in Tuscaloosa on felony drug charges quickly sent the three-season saga of Mississippi’s former Mr. Football from a soap opera to a serious drama, with no happy ending in sight.
Nick Saban, already on the books with one player (Jeremy Elder) facing a felony charge this year, not only turned the page quickly on Johns, he skipped several chapters and went straight to the ending. The Crimson Tide coach’s version of due process took only a couple of hours once Johns got his mug shot taken at the Tuscaloosa County Jail.

“This type of behavior obviously will not be tolerated,” Saban said in a brief response. “He is no longer a part of our program.”

Johns’ part at Alabama was never more than a bit one to begin with, especially once Saban came on board, something that galled a portion of the program’s fan base. Beginning with his recruitment as a dual-threat quarterback out of Brookhaven, Miss., – a “Bo Jackson who can throw,” according to one Mississippi prep coach – then on to his move to running back and eventually to his role as a special teams standout, Johns served to both fascinate (6-foot-2, 233 pounds with 4.7 speed) and frustrate (fourth-quarter fumble in last year’s La.-Monroe debacle) the masses.

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