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YP – Hood has no one to blame but...

YP – Hood has no one to blame but Blackmon & McCoy on Wiretap Bill

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 22, 2008

Attorney General Jim Hood is incredulously blaming Republicans for a defeat of a HB 1148, a bill he pushed to help get wiretapping authority for white collar cases. Of course, he’s getting a little help from the non-media media.

However, what Hood and the moonbats conveniently bury is that Republicans only have 38% of the voting power on the Jud A committee, chaired by House Speaker Pro Tem Ed Blackmon. Blaming “evil Republicans” makes for good scapegoating, especially if your website sells ads for Hoodia patches and shop at home scams, but 10 Democrats did not even show up. And as moonbat supporter and otherwise great guy Ben Allen says, “those who rule the world are the ones who show up”.

Billy McCoy has a huge part of this responsibility for the death of this bill as well. By McCoy & Blackmon ruling to keep the current draconian set of House rules in place, they deny the ability for the House body to call the bill out of committee to the floor for action. I guess what comes around, goes around.

The truth of the matter is that this bill was a dead duck in the Senate. No one in their right mind would vote to give more power to Jim Hood right now, who cannot seem to adequately administer the power and staff that he currently has. There is the respect and deference you are given by title and the respect that you earn. Hood is barely holding on to the former. The latter is a lost cause.

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