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Campaign Update for Cory Wilson...

Campaign Update for Cory Wilson (H-66th)

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 19, 2007

Cory Wilson for House District 66

April 18th, 2007

Campaign Update #1

We hope everyone is enjoying Spring, at least on the days it has felt like Spring! With the 2007 Legislative Session in the rear-view mirror and Tax Day now officially behind us, we are stepping up our efforts to bring positive new leadership to the House of Representatives. Cory?s campaign has been busy, and growing. We want to keep you up to date on our progress.

Pro-Growth Last week, the leading voice of Mississippi business and industry, BIPEC, endorsed Cory Wilson for House 66. Cory?s message that District 66 needs a pro-business Representative who will proactively support economic development for Jackson is resonating. ?I am humbled to be one of only four challengers in the House to receive BIPEC?s endorsement,? Cory said. In BIPEC?s words, Cory offers ?a real opportunity to unseat an incumbent? who has voted anti-business since the last election.

Pro-Neighborhood Last night, Cory attended a Fondren neighborhood meeting where the OurFondren neighborhood association was officially launched. OurFondren?modeled after the Belhaven neighborhood foundation that Cory helped to start?will focus on crime prevention and code enforcement. ?Last week, Stephanie and I attended Arts Eats and Beats in Fondren and Art for the Park in Belhaven. Two great events that highlight our very special sense of community.? Cory, who will serve on the OurFondren Crime Advisory Board, continued, ?These neighborhoods deserve proactive leadership in the Legislature focused on preserving our quality of life. That is why I am running.?

Proactive, Positive Leadership Senator Trent Lott and Representative Chip Pickering are honorary hosts at a fundraiser for Cory in Washington tomorrow. Their support?and that of other leaders?is helping to spread the word that Cory offers new, energetic leadership that the Legislature needs at this moment in Mississippi?s history.

How You Can Help Cory Wilson

If you want to help Cory in his campaign for House District 66, be sure to go to his website,, to sign-up to contribute or volunteer to help. Please encourage others by spreading the word to your family and friends in Jackson. This is our first Campaign Update. If there is anyone you know who is interested in our efforts, please send their e-mail address to with “EMAIL” written in the subject line.

A Word From Cory:

Thank you so much for all you are doing to help in this campaign. We are off to a great start, and it is because of you. I appreciate your support very much?whether it is donations, volunteering, or simply praying and rooting for us. The effort is worth it. We can do better in the Legislature, for Jackson and for our state. This seat is pivotal in determining whether we have new leadership in the House?something I think we need. I look forward to seeing you soon and discussing your priorities for moving Mississippi forward. Please keep spreading the word!

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