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Wednesday’s with Charlie Ross...

Wednesday’s with Charlie Ross 4/18

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 19, 2007

I hope everyone has had a great week-it seems these Wednesdays keep coming around more quickly each week. We’ve been busy traveling around the state talking with Mississippians about the importance of having conservative leadership in our state government. We don’t need a show horse in the capitol, we need a workhorse, and I’ve been working hard to make sure all Mississippians know how proven conservative leadership can continue to move Mississippi forward.

This past weekend, I had the great pleasure to spend the day in my hometown of Eupora as the last stop on our 13-stop campaign kick-off tour. In the afternoon, some old classmates and I visited the newly renovated old Eupora High School. I have a lot of fond memories wrapped up in the halls of that school–playing football, meeting Sharon (who has been my wife for 28 years now), classes (my mother was a career teacher and taught me math), and friends. The education I received there was the key to my future, along with my family and the church.

Maintaining links with our past is crucial for us to know who we are as Mississippians. For this reason, I was proud to push for funds to restore the old Eupora High School. The school is now beautiful and is currently used as an administration building for the Webster County Schools.

After touring the school, we traveled out to Walthall, the county seat of Webster County, to see the renovation of the old city jail. The small, two-story jail has now been converted into city offices, but they left many of the original jail furnishings intact, such as window bars, steel walls, and a heavy iron gate. I enjoyed touring it and getting a glimpse into both the past and the present of that fine town.

That night, we ended up at the Old Depot in downtown Eupora for a good, old-fashioned pot luck dinner. We invited the public to attend and they didn’t disappoint. I am convinced that for that one Saturday, Eupora’s Old Depot boasted the best food in Mississippi. I really enjoyed visiting with the many people of Eupora who have shaped my life, as well as Sharon’s. We’ve always felt that it is important to stay close to our roots and remember all of the lessons that growing up in such a great Mississippi community taught us.

On Friday, I had the pleasure of meeting with the Mississippi State University College Republicans in Starkville. We had some great barbeque and some great discussions about things that affect the students of our colleges and universities. It is always encouraging to me to see our young people so involved and concerned about their future. Mississippi’s greatest resource is our next generation and the importance of cultivating their minds and skills cannot be overstated.

Sharon and I send out prayers to all of the families and students affected by the horrible events that unfolded on the Virginia Tech campus on Monday. It serves as a reminder that it can happen at anytime and anywhere and we feel for all of those affected.

Remember, we need your help to ensure that our message of conservative values and strong leadership gets out to your friends and community. As always, you may donate or volunteer by responding to this email, visiting, or calling our Jackson office at (601) 362-7677. Getting involved in the democratic process is the best way to preserve our freedom as both Americans and Mississippians.

Best regards,


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