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Melton Leads Late-Night Crime Sweep

Melton Leads Late-Night Crime Sweep

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 6, 2005

Melton Leads Late-Night Crime Sweep

Mayor Frank Melton wasted no time keeping at least one campaign promise — to combat crime. Hours after he was sworn into office, Melton led Jackson police officers and members of the SWAT team on a crime sweep.

They went to several hotels on Highway 80, through the Washington Addition, and to the Express Lane gas station/convenience store at Capitol Street and Ellis Avenue late Monday night. Nine arrests were made at that convenience store. Police also confiscated weapons and drugs and recovered two carjacked vehicles.

“I just pulled in here to make sure everyone was safe and secure,” Melton said, “and here we find two carjacked cars. They’re going to go to jail. Do I need to stop at every corner? We’re going to deal with this, but now it’s going to be for real.”

Jackson’s new police chief-designate, Shirlene Anderson, and newly assigned Assistant Chief Roy Sandifer participated in the operation.

“It was successful,” Anderson said. “Any time you take weapons off the streets and cars that are stolen, that’s a successful night, and we’ll be doing more of this in the future.”

“We want to do this more and more,” Sandifer added. “We’re in to community policing and where the officer gets to meet the people and talk to the people and…get the crime and take it out of the criminal and put the streets of Jackson back in the hands of citizens of Jackson.”

In all, nearly twenty people were arrested during the crime sweep. Melton says he plans to conduct similar sweeps over the next two days.


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