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Poll Gives JPD Average Reviews

Poll Gives JPD Average Reviews

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 28, 2005

Poll Gives JPD Average Reviews

Mason Dixon Poll Results

Jacksonians Feel Safe In Their Homes
Overall 83%
Women 77%
Men 90%

JPD Approval Rating
Excellent or Good 39%
Fair 41%
Poor 16%

JPD Approval (Women)
Excellent or Good 43%
Fair 41%
Poor 10%

JPD Approval (Men)
Excellent or Good 35%
Fair 42%
Poor 19%

Eighty-three percent of Jackson residents — 90 percent of men and 77 percent of women — say they generally feel safe in their homes, according to a new Commitment 2005 poll. However, the Jackson Police Department gets only average reviews in the survey.

Thirty-nine percent of those voters surveyed gave the Jackson Police Department excellent or good reviews, while 41 percent rated officers as fair. Sixteen percent gave the police department poor reviews.

Chief Robert Moore said that considering how bad the department used to be, he’s OK with that score.

“It had come out of one heck of a problem area, so to get it to that level where they say it’s fair, I’m very satisfied,” he said.


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