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Jackson Mayoral Debate

Jackson Mayoral Debate

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 18, 2005

Jackson Mayoral Debate

Each man got in jabs about the others leadership, voting record and crime solutions.

Mayor Harvey Johnson said, “Having a person who thinks he can be mayor based on a 45 second sound bite.”

Challenger Frank melton said, “I can get more done in 45 seconds that he can get done in eight years.”

Melton later said, “We need people who can get things done on time for the right reason and staying within the budget. Every construction project we have in Jackson, it starts late and it’s over budget. That has to end.”

Johnson said, “Leadership is more than talking. It’s about integrity. It’s about honesty. It’s about moving the city ahead. It’s not about compromising principles, particularly when that compromise could affect people of the city of Jackson.”

Johnson says he supports unions and minority participation.


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