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Rev. Horace Buckley in Mayor’s...

Rev. Horace Buckley in Mayor’s Radio Ads Appointed to City Board

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 18, 2005

According to the City of Jackson (see p3), Mayor Johnson appointed Rev. Horace Buckley to the Municipal Civil Service Board in January of 2004. This was a political appointment that needed confirmation from the City Council according to the city of Jackson web site.

“It’s about trust. This is Rev. Horace Buckley. As a former Democratic elected state representative and lifelong citizen of this city, I’m concerned about the quality of leadership elected for this city. Leadership, of course, has to do with honesty, integrity and accountability. When a candidate fails to meet the standards each requires, he or she should be suspect.

Frank Melton says he’s not really a Democrat. Melton told a group of his northeast Jackson Republican supporters he’s just running as a Democrat because it’s the only way he can win.

Melton says he believes voting is sacred, but official election records show him voting just twice in the last 20 years.

Melton lied to the Executive Democratic Committee about where he claims residency for tax purposes. Last month, he stated he had filed for homestead exemption in Mississippi. Now he admits that wasn’t true. He still claims his homestead is in Texas.

Melton hasn’t been honest about his beliefs, his voting records, his qualifications. How can we ever trust Frank Melton?”

Text of radio ad as shown in the Clarion Ledger on 4/17/5

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April 18, 2005

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