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State, legislative races to watch in...

State, legislative races to watch in the Mississippi Primary Election

By: Frank Corder - August 4, 2023

Want to know what races to track in the August 8th Primary Elections? Here’s a guide from Magnolia Tribune.

Voters will head to the polls on Tuesday, August 8th to cast their ballot in either the Republican or Democratic Primary Elections. The primaries will determine who moves on to the November General Election as the party nominee, and in many cases, it will determine the winner as not all races have general election opponents.

Here are the competitive state and legislative races to watch by political party as returns come in Tuesday evening:

Republican Primary

Lieutenant Governor

The top Republican Primary race in Mississippi is the election for Lieutenant Governor. First-term incumbent Delbert Hosemann is being challenged by State Senator Chris McDaniel and Tiffany Longino. Should there be a runoff, the top two vote getters will meet three weeks later in a runoff. The GOP nominee will face Democrat Ryan Grover in November.

Insurance Commissioner

Incumbent four-term Commissioner Mike Chaney will face Mitch Young in the Primary election. The GOP nominee will face Democrat Bruce Burton in November.

Northern District Public Service Commissioner

Republicans Chris Brown, a State Representative, and Tanner Newman are vying to fill this open seat after incumbent Commissioner Brandon Presley, a Democrat, chose to run for governor instead of seeking re-election to a fifth term. No Democrats qualified to run in this race. The GOP winner will be the new Northern District Commissioner.

Southern District Public Service Commissioner

Incumbent first-term Commissioner Dane Maxwell is being challenged in the Republican Primary by newcomer Nelson Wayne Carr. No Democrats qualified for the seat, meaning the winner of the GOP Primary will be the Southern District Commissioner for the next four years.

Republican Primary State House – 30 races

(* Winner will have a general election opponent)

  • District 1 – Incumbent Rep. Bubba Carpenter vs. Corrie Linton
  • District 2 – Incumbent Rep. Nick Bain vs. Chris Wilson and Brad Mattox
  • District 6 – Justin Keen vs. James Wallace*
  • District 7 – Kimberly Remak vs. Progeorlan Walker vs. James Goodkind*
  • District 10 – Incumbent Rep. Brady Williamson vs. Josh Hawkins and Lofton Gray
  • District 20 – Rodney Hall vs. Charlie Hoots
  • District 23 – Andy Stepp vs. Perry Bailey*
  • District 28 – John Williams vs. W.I. Harris
  • District 33 – Jim Estrada vs. Jonathan Dantzler vs Dennis Nowell
  • District 40 – Charlies Roberts vs. Jacob Hisaw*
  • District 46 – Incumbent Rep. Karl Oliver vs. William Downs
  • District 48 – Incumbent Rep. Jason White vs. Cliff Hays
  • District 58 – Bob Anderson vs. Jonathan McMillian vs. Johnathan Berry
  • District 62 – Jeremy Lee vs. Lance Varner
  • District 79 – Incumbent Rep. Mark Tullos vs. Kyle Cockrell
  • District 81 – Incumbent Rep. Steve Horne vs. Ben Shirley
  • District 87 – Incumbent Rep. Jospeh Tubb vs. Kim Fagan
  • District 88 – Charles Blackwell vs. Christopher Hodge
  • District 95 – Incumbent Rep. Jay McKnight vs. John Barnes
  • District 100 – Incumbent Rep. Ken Morgan vs. Jacob Brogan
  • District 104 – Incumbent Rep. Larry Byrd vs. Blake Nobles
  • District 105 – Incumbent Rep. Dale Goodin vs. Matt Brewer*
  • District 107 – Incumbent Rep. Doug McLeod vs. Steve Lott
  • District 108 – Incumbent Rep. Stacey Wilkes vs. Alana Campo
  • District 111 – Eric Camp vs. Jimmy Fondren vs. David Futch
  • District 112 – Incumbent Rep. John Read vs. Tim Aycock
  • District 115 – Felix Gines vs. Zachary Grady vs. Phil Harding
  • District 118 – Incumbent Rep. Greg Haney vs. Raymond Brooks
  • District 121 – Incumbent Rep. Carolyn Crawford vs. Jeff Wallace*
  • District 122 – Incumbent Rep. Brent Anderson vs. Micah Tinkler*

State Senate – 11 races

(* Winner will have a general election opponent)

  • District 6 – Incumbent Sen. Chad McMahon vs. Lauren Smith
  • District 9 – Incumbent Sen. Nicole Boyd vs. Ricky Caldwell
  • District 14 – Incumbent Sen. Lydia Chassaniol vs. Billy Nix
  • District 15 – Incumbent Sen. Bart Williams vs. Alan Sibley
  • District 19 – Incumbent Sen. Kevin Blackwell vs. Walter Hopper*
  • District 36 – Brian Rhodes vs. Jared Morrison
  • District 40 – Incumbent Sen. Angela Hill vs. Andy Rishton
  • District 41 – Incumbent Sen. Joey Fillingane vs. Robert Cole
  • District 42 – State Rep. Robin Robinson vs. Don Hartness
  • District 46 – Incumbent Sen. Philip Moran vs. Philman Ladner
  • District 47 – Incumbent Sen. Joseph Seymour vs. Scott Strickland*

Democratic Primary

Agriculture Commissioner

Three Democrats are competing in the Primary for a chance to meet incumbent Republican Ag Commissioner Andy Gipson in November. Democrats will choose from Robert Bradford, Bethany Hill or Terry Rogers as their party’s nominee. This is the only statewide race featuring more than one Democratic Party candidate.

State House – 14 races

(* Winner will have a general election opponent)

  • District 27 – James Woods vs. Kenji Holloway
  • District 30 – Incumbent Rep. Tracey Rosebud vs. Sedrick Smith and Watson Turnipseed
  • District 31 – Incumbent Rep. Otis Anthony vs. Sade Turnipseed
  • District 36 – Incumbent Rep. Karl Gibbs vs. Terell Harris
  • District 45 – Kenny Rush vs. Keith Jackson*
  • District 51 – Incumbent Rep. Rufus Straugher vs. Timaka James-Jones
  • District 55 – Incumbent Rep. Oscar Denton vs. Kimberly Stevens
  • District 63 – Incumbent Rep. Stephanie Foster vs. Dyamone White
  • District 66 – Roshunda Harris-Allen vs. Fabian Nelson vs. Gregg Divinity
  • District 69 – Tamarra Butler-Washington vs. Alan Cole vs. Patty Patterson vs. Iva Steptoe
  • District 72 – Justis Gibbs vs. Synarus Green vs. Rukia Lumumba vs. Ailean Stingley
  • District 85 – Incumbent Rep. Jeffery Harness vs. Richard Buford*
  • District 98 – Incumbent Rep. Daryl Porter vs. Lance Brown
  • District 110 – Incumbent Rep. Jeramey Anderson vs. Shira Stallworth

State Senate – 5 races

(* Winner will have a general election opponent)

  • District 13 – Incumbent Sarita Simmons vs. Mark Buckner
  • District 24 – Incumbent Sen. David Jordan vs. Everette Hill*
  • District 27 – Incumbent Sen. Hillman Frazier vs. Marvin Hightower
  • District 29 – Incumbent Sen. David Blount vs. Dwayne Pickett*
  • District 37 – Incumbent Sen. Albert Butler vs. Shirley Sandifer


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