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YP Daily Roundup 7/20/20

YP Daily Roundup 7/20/20

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 20, 2020

YP – Governor Reeves talks schools during daily update on fight against COVID-19

The stricter measures put in place for 13 of Mississippi’s counties are set to expire on Monday, however Reeves said he fully anticipates those orders to be extended.

“I can sign whatever executive order I can sign but if you the people of Mississippi ignore it there isn’t much I can do,” said Reeves. He added that appearing daily with updates on what is happening with coronavirus, is is way of imparting the severity of the virus.

He also touched on schools reopening in August. The Governor said that all schools have until July 30 to submit their reopening plan which he added he will be personally reviewing each one. He said he does not believe an overarching mandate is needed.

CNN – Mississippi governor says nearly 900 people are hospitalized in the state with Covid-19

WLOX – 178 cases of COVID-19 reported at Ingalls Shipbuilding; 84 employees cleared to return

178 cases of COVID-19 reported at Ingalls Shipbuilding; 84 employees cleared to return

Ingalls Shipbuilding reported 18 new cases of COVID-19 in employees on Saturday, the highest single-day jump to date.

The previous single-day high was reported Wednesday with 16 new cases in employees.

In total, Ingalls Shipbuilding has reported 178 cases of COVID-19, with 84 employees cleared to return to work, leaving 69 employees unable to return to work.

MSDH: Coronavirus now at 42,638

YP – PRESLEY: Wicker’s Broadband Proposal Protects Funds and Speeds Up Expansion

As someone who has worked for broadband expansion for years, I can truthfully tell you that Senator Wicker’s approach is exactly what Mississippi and America needs at this time. Broadband expansion should be accelerated at the fastest rate possible without inviting waste, fraud, and abuse. Every dollar stolen or wasted by an unscrupulous telecommunications company is a dollar that cannot be spent expanding broadband service and connecting Americans.

Senator Wicker’s bill keeps the state-federal partnership for protection of funding intact and gives the full green light to aggressive broadband expansion. As a Mississippian and as someone who deeply cares about this issue, I say, “Good job, Senator Wicker!”

MBJ – BILL CRAWFORD: Are Mississippi farmers the next government dependents?

But, let’s focus on one small part of the rant, where Foster said, “This is about government constantly pushing more taxes, more fees, more fines, more loss of Liberty, one little bit at a time.”

This is straight out of the Tea Party dogma and appealing in many ways. No-one likes taxes, fees, or fines. However, it paints government as an evil monstrosity conspiring to steal personal liberty rather than a constitutional system of governance controlled by duly elected local, state, and national officials trying their best to serve their constituents.

Intrinsic to the evil government conspiracy theory are government programs – think Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, etc. – that make people dependent on government … and push up taxes and the national debt at the expense of “free Americans.”

How ironic, then, that the conspiratorialists’ “freedom” hero is leading the latest charge to dole out federal dollars and make more people government dependent.

#MSSen: Espy releases new ad with race as a theme

Congressman Thompson seeks investigation into use of federal law enforcement in protests

WCBI – Caledonia Confederates will now be given new nickname and mascot

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