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National Guard and Reserve Caucus Chairs Call on President to Mobilize US Airlift Assets

By: Frank Corder - March 25, 2020

Congressmen Steven Palazzo (R-Miss) and Tim Ryan (D-Ohio), Co-Chairs of the House National Guard and Reserve Caucus sent a letter to President Donald Trump requesting for President Trump to immediately mobilize America’s military airlift, including Reserve and National Guard assets as needed, to repatriate Americans.

Full text of the letter that was sent is included below.


Mr. President,

As you are well aware, thousands of Americans across the globe are attempting to get home to the United States in the wake of the most significant pandemic of our generation.  Due to local restrictions and travel difficulties associated with the COVID-19 outbreak, an estimated 13,500 abroad, are struggling to return to their families and homes in the United States.

With significant commercial travel restrictions in place around the globe, we feel the time has come to take military action to repatriate these citizens. As co-chairs of the House National Guard and Reserve Caucus, we are calling on you, as Commander-in-Chief, to immediately mobilize our nation’s military airlift, including Reserve and National Guard assets as needed, to ensure the safe return of these citizens. With additional travel restrictions and hotel closures happening worldwide, we cannot wait any longer to get our people home.

Thank you for your consideration of this request. 


Steven M. Palazzo
Member of Congress

Tim Ryan
Member of Congress


Release by Office of Congressman Steven Palazzo.

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