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Chris McDaniel campaign splits with...

Chris McDaniel campaign splits with Rick Tyler – over Trump or money?

By: Editor - July 9, 2018

by Alan Lange

Today, the Chris McDaniel campaign for Senate announced it was parting company with former Ted Cruz communications guy and McDaniel campaign strategist Rick Tyler.

As previously reported, the McDaniel campaign engaged Rick Tyler as a communications strategist. Tyler is a well-known conservative, having worked for the presidential campaigns of both Newt Gingrich and Ted Cruz.

Today, however, Tyler and the McDaniel campaign have mutually agreed to part ways over a fundamental disagreement on supporting President Trump and his agenda.

Senator McDaniel is a loyal and longtime supporter of President Trump, and is wholeheartedly committed to his Make America Great Again agenda. Tyler, in his role as an MSNBC political analyst, has been and continues to be an outspoken critic of the President.

Because of this, it has been mutually agreed upon that it is in the best interest of the campaign and Mr. Tyler to go their separate ways.


The Why

That’s the news, now here’s the opinion.

McDaniel is ostensibly trying to make this about Trump and saying that Rick Tyler was a political liability to McDaniel because of his anti-Trump stances.  But firing Rick Tyler for being anti-Trump is like firing Fat Albert for being fat.  Everyone knew what the deal was at the start of the relationship.

We noted the long history of Tyler’s anti-MAGA past four months ago.

Tyler has a documented history of being history that LONG predates his involvement with McDaniel.

OVER A YEAR AGO, Tyler declared Trump’s campaign “effectively over”.

And that’s just one of literally dozens of examples of Rick Tyler being one of the most vocal anti-Trump Republican voices in the country.

Coincidentally, or maybe not coincidentally, FEC reports through July 1 will be released by July 15.  This will be the first report due since the end of March and will really show where financially the campaign is.  Should McDaniel have as lackluster a campaign finance report as he did previously, it’s not a bridge too far to believe that the split may have a financial component with the “anti-Trump” stance of Tyler being a cover to save face.

Again, the firing Rick Tyler for being “anti-Trump” line just doesn’t pass the straight face test.  But it’s likely that more info will be revealed in the coming days/weeks.

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