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Chris McDaniel campaign files complaint...

Chris McDaniel campaign files complaint with IRS over CLC’s filing with the FEC #mssen

By: Editor - March 28, 2018

Complaint: George Soros-backed Anti-First Amendment Front Group, Campaign Legal Center (CLC) Engaged in Brazen Political Activity

McDaniel Campaign Files Complaint with IRS for Non-Profit Violations

Today, Friends of Chris McDaniel filed a complaint with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) charging Campaign Legal Center (CLC), a non-profit funded by anti-First Amendment advocate George Soros with illegally engaging in political activity prohibited by IRS regulations. Among other things, the CLC, which was formed by anti-political speech advocates, uses it non-profit status as a front to engage in political actively for the express purpose of defeating political candidates for public office who disagree with their radical anti-speech views.

CLC IRS Complaint filed by the Chris McDaniel campaign #mssen by yallpolitics on Scribd

“I’d like to say that I’ve never seen a non-profit take the brazen step of expressly engaging in political activities but CLC is well-known for using its status as a non-profit as a cover for directly trying to influence the outcome of elections,” said Chris McDaniel, candidate for US Senate.

CLC routinely files FEC complaints but it has a reputation for engaging in what many experts consider an overt political effort to affect the outcome of Federal elections to meet its political objectives.

“Campaigns, PACs and other outside groups including non-profits use frivolous FEC complaints as a political smear tactic to influence elections. It’s political activity – plain and simple,” said McDaniel. “This political tactic has been tolerated for too long and CLC has gotten away with violating IRS regulations long enough. If the IRS takes the status on non-profits seriously, it should strip CLC of it’s non-profit status.”

Filing a false complaint with the FEC is perjury which carries a severe penalty.

The McDaniel campaign says that in its latest frivolous FEC complaint, CLC blatantly ignored the law pertaining to SuperPACs and took advantage of the media’s and public’s lack of understanding of the law.

The McDaniel campaign consulted legal counsel and followed FEC guidance when McDaniel attended several SuperPAC-sponsored events. A candidate’s participation in such events is clearly allowable by law and far from being “unprecedented”, it is routine.

Moreover, the event briefing document produced by the campaign and reviewed by the candidate before appearing at the event clearly states that the event is “not a fund-raiser” and not to ask for donations. Moreover, CLC falsely claims that the SuperPAC contributed to the McDaniel campaign without offering a shred of proof. The fact is no contribution was made.

“Non-profits are categorically prohibited from engaging in political activities,” said McDaniel. “The IRS should investigate CLC for its illegal political activities and strip the front group of its status as a non-profit, which appears to have been obtained under false pretenses, and it should force CLC to inform its donors that their contributions are retroactively taxable so as to deter others from violating this bright-line rule in the future.”

CLC is funded by millionaires and billionaire including George Soros who personally spends millions, if not billions of dollars through a vast network of dark-money organizations to influence elections. CLC publicly acknowledges their relationship with Soros’ organizations on their website.

McDaniel Campaign Press Release


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