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Chris McDaniel adviser Rick Tyler...

Chris McDaniel adviser Rick Tyler actively trolling Donald Trump on Twitter #mssen

By: Editor - March 26, 2018

In the last few days, there’s been an organized push by Chris McDaniel supporters to solicit a presidential endorsement.

The campaign has created an online petition of sorts to plead with President Trump for his endorsement over Governor Bryant’s pick, Cindy Hyde-Smith.

The problem is the McDaniel camp may be of two minds about the value of that endorsement.

McDaniel strategist, advisor and MSNBC analyst Rick Tyler is probably one of the most strident anti-Trump conservatives in politics and media.  In responding to Trump’s endorsement of Mitt Romney, he recently said “Only a sucker would thank a fraud, a phony for his worthless endorsement. #politcalwhiplash”

He has been actively trolling President Trump on his Twitter page and continues to do so even in the last week.

There’s certainly no love lost between Tyler and Trump.  In June of 2017, on MSBNC, Tyler declared President Trump’s presidency as “effectively over”


Tyler formerly was the main communications guy for Ted Cruz before being forced to step down.

With Donald Trump being a huge determining factor in the senate seat that McDaniel seeks, Tyler’s behavior and stances during the campaign against the campaign bear watching.

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