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Rep. Jay Hughes: ‘A return to...

Rep. Jay Hughes: ‘A return to decency’ #msleg

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 26, 2017

JAY HUGHES GUEST COLUMN: A return to decency

Unfortunately, the tactics used by McCarthy in the 1950’s have come roaring back in 2017, by both sides. The Internet, cable TV, and talk radio, in an effort to sell ads and increase profits, have unleashed a similar pattern of personal attacks and character assassination. This has led to keyboard cowboys and call-in guests on radio shows who will say anything, no matter how untrue and hurtful, to argue that those who do not agree with everything that they believe are the enemy. We have begun to type and say things online and on air that we would never say to another person’s face, or to someone at work or church. So I ask, just as Mr. Welch asked Sen. McCarthy, Have we left no sense of decency?

As a husband, father, neighbor, legislator, American and proud Mississippian, I wish for a return to civility. It requires both sharing and listening. So I would begin this civil journey by sharing what I believe is best for our beloved State of Mississippi instead of relying on personal attacks, or hollow party sound bites.

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