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Update on the embezzlement trial...

Update on the embezzlement trial against Linda Brune that mainstream press won’t cover

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 10, 2017

Update on the story Jerry Mitchell won’t cover

Ms. Brune at times claimed her Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination but then would waive those rights only to claim them again. She complained about the presence of JJ’s video camera in the courtroom but the court informed her that a proper camera coverage request was filed and honored under the law (19:24). Ms. Brune filed a motion to dismiss but the court ruled that it would not be heard yesterday since the plaintiffs had not yet a chance to file a response. Judge O’Neal said she would set a trial date after she heard the motion to dismiss on March 8 at 1:00 PM. No media was present at the hearing nor has this case been mentioned in the media.

Kingfish note: One must ask why the media is not covering this lawsuit. One can think Mr. Allen is indeed guilty of the ten counts mentioned in his indictment but the story of DJP suing a former secretary for embezzling a large sum of money is still worthy of coverage. The two stories are not mutually exclusive. Ms. Brune may be innocent or she may be guilty. That question should be resolved by the judicial process. However, it is rather interesting to watch the media pursue one story while ignoring the other. One can only ask why this is so.

Jackson Jambalaya

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