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MINOR looks back at...

MINOR looks back at @HillaryClinton’s 1992 visit to Mississippi

By: Magnolia Tribune - September 29, 2016

BILL MINOR: Clinton holds a previous plus in Mississippi

Don’t look for Hillary Clinton to set foot in Mississippi during the presidential campaign.

Her camp understandably will likely write off Mississippi as safe for Republican Donald Trump, no matter that this Deep South state has nothing in common with the New York real estate tycoon.

Significantly, Clinton can claim a personal connection to Mississippi going way back to 1992 when she visited with fellow southern education activist Winifred Green, the member of a pioneer Jackson family. While here, Hillary also spoke to the Murrah High School student body.

During her visit, I had a 45-minute one-on-one interview with her and found her to be an engaging woman who was exceptionally smart.

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