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House Education chairman Moore on...

House Education chairman Moore on proposed changes to school district grading

By: Magnolia Tribune - September 1, 2016

School District standards re-evaluated

This is how it works, schools are graded on an A through F scale according to how they score. Much like when your child receives an A for a number score of 95.

“The board had to determine what those percentages were that they were going to use,” said John Moore Chairman of Education and House Representative. “If every school in the state hits that high number, guess what, we’d have all A’s.”

The big question is, how many schools and districts should get A’s and how many should get F’s under the current system?

The decision is a controversial one for any district that could get an F grade because it could effect who controls the school. Under the current ruling schools who receive an F grade two years in a row are at stake to be taken over by the state. D and F districts are also subject to potential charter schools opening, and C districts would be required to allow students to attend charter schools somewhere else.


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