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The Ballad of Billy McCoy

The Ballad of Billy McCoy

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 24, 2016

Beat at the ballot box in the Ole ‘Sippi,
Reddest state in the land of the free,
Old King Cole has shook every tree,
Stirrin’ and plottin’ for the Dem-crat Party.

Billy, Billy McCoy, the end of the liberal frontier.

In twenty o’seven he won by a vote,
He made durn sure Repubs suffered in woe,
Fer four long years Mississip’ held her nose,
Then voters perked up and a light arose.

Billy, Billy McCoy, packed it in on his gub’ment career.

‘Leven brought change and the House went with Gunn,
Dems licked their wounds, just had no fun,
Now in sixteen their itchin’ fer a fight,
Shoutin’ and a stompin’ purely out of spite.

Billy, Billy McCoy, they sure wish he was still ’round here.

It’s really quite funny, all this amnesia,
Of Blackmon and Dawkins and Baria,
Their politickin’ is a sight to see,
When the shoe’s on the other foot they’ve lost their memory of…

Billy, Billy McCoy, the vengeful political pioneer.

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