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Speaker Gunn speaks against...

Speaker Gunn speaks against #Initiative42 in Columbus

By: Magnolia Tribune - October 22, 2015

Gunn rallies against Initiative 42

Philip Gunn said he takes offense when people say Mississippi’s leaders aren’t education-minded.

The speaker of Mississippi’s House of Representatives visited the Columbus Rotary Club to rally support against Initiative 42…

…Gunn decried the claim that the state Legislature does not put enough funding into education. During his presentation Tuesday, he asked the audience how much of the state’s budget they would be comfortable with allotting to K-12 education. Most agreed with about 15-25 percent.

Gunn said legislators appropriate 40-45 percent of the state’s budget to K-12 schools. With funding for the state’s colleges and universities, the figure jumps to more than 50 percent and including Medicaid spending pushed the total to 76 percent. Gunn said that left legislators with just 24 percent of the budget to fund the rest of the state’s needs.

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