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Race for MS AG: Hurst challenges Hood...

Race for MS AG: Hurst challenges Hood to Debates

By: Magnolia Tribune - September 8, 2015


Hurst Challenges Hood to Debates

Proposes Three Debates; Willing to Work With Opponent On Scheduling and Details

FLOWOOD, MISS (SEPTEMBER 8, 2015) – Last week Republican Mike Hurst reached out to Democrat incumbent Jim Hood proposing the two candidates for Attorney General meet in at least three debates to provide voters with a discussion of their records and visions for office.

“I hope we can agree that Mississippians making the choice on who will be their Attorney General for the next four years deserve more than campaign mail pieces and television sound bites,” Hurst wrote in the letter to Hood.

Hurst continued, “While I can relate that time demands from family, work and campaign can make scheduling difficult, I hope we can agree that these campaigns are not just about you and me – they are about the people of Mississippi. Debates are part of the expected challenge you and I both signed up for when we qualified. I am willing to adjust my schedule and I hope you will be willing as well.”

“Public debates between two candidates with opposing views are critical to American political campaigns and elections,” said Hurst Campaign manager D.J. Eckert. “Mike Hurst has proposed three debates across Mississippi, and is eager to begin an open and honest discussion about his intention to take on rampant public corruption, fight back against President Obama’s intrusive federal overreach, and combat illegal immigration in Mississippi. We look forward to working out details for three such debates with the Hood campaign and debate hosts and sponsors.”


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