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Boyce Adams (#MS01) Begins “Jobs...

Boyce Adams (#MS01) Begins “Jobs for Mississippi” Tour in Columbus

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 31, 2015

This week, Boyce Adams, Republican candidate for Congress in Mississippi’s First District, is campaigning across North Mississippi with a focus on manufacturing jobs and issues facing that industry as they work to stay competitive and grow their businesses.

Yesterday, Adams toured and met with employees in Columbus at Mississippi Steel Processing and JTB Furniture Manufacturing. In the coming days, Adams will also make stops focusing on other key jobs in Mississippi including agriculture, health care, energy, education, and small businesses.

“I’m beginning this ‘Jobs for Mississippi’ tour because my campaign is focused on real issues and what I will do in Congress to help create an environment for more job creation in our state,” said Adams. “I’ve created jobs right here in Mississippi, and to get America back on track, it’s going to take real world business experience in Congress. This week and throughout this campaign, I’m visiting with employers and employees at manufacturing facilities across North Mississippi to discuss what we can do to help bring more jobs to our state.”

“Trade is a topic on the minds of many people in our manufacturing industry, and Congress must ensure American companies have the ability to sell their products around the world, while also stopping illegal, unfair trade practices from nations such as China,” Adams said. “On a level playing field, American workers can compete with anybody, and that’s why I’ll fight for free and fair trade in Congress. America must have strong, strict policies that prohibit unfair trade practices that hurt American jobs. With my experience in business, I’ll look at everything from a unique perspective in Congress—as someone who knows how taxes, regulations and government policies too often hurt job creation efforts. That’s why I’ll focus on getting government out of the way so the private sector can provide more jobs and opportunities for all Mississippians.”

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