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@EWagsterPettus – Did Chris...

@EWagsterPettus – Did Chris McDaniel win by losing Senate race?

By: Magnolia Tribune - September 22, 2014

Analysis: Did McDaniel win by losing Senate race?

Facebook and Twitter remain abuzz with McDaniel supporters urging him to “Fight, Chris, fight.” Some suggest his tea party supporters should break away from the Republican fold and form their own “McGOP.”

McDaniel’s never-surrender attitude is clearly wearing thin among many Mississippians, even some who say they voted for him. He might have torpedoed his own political future by making himself look like a sore loser.

On the other hand, McDaniel might be strengthening his political prospects by positioning himself as an advocate for conservatives who feel ignored by the Republican establishment. And that might provide momentum for McDaniel and his allies leading into 2015, when Mississippi elects a slate of statewide officials, from governor to agriculture commissioner.


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