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The McDaniel Hostage Crisis – Day 26...

The McDaniel Hostage Crisis – Day 26 & 27 – Chasing Al Gore, a Facebook skirmish and backing dow

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 21, 2014

We interrupt this coverage for a special report.

It’s hard to believe this hostage crisis is coming up on four weeks. It seems like only yesterday that we were talking about bounty hunters, hijacked conference calls and competitive normcore. Oh, how far we’ve come.

The McDaniel case is starting to take on Al Gore proportions. Of course, in the Gore recount, there were 47 lawsuits filed. As of now, we’re only at 8 including the one we just found out about this weekend where McDaniel sued the clerk of his home county of Jones to get Billy Joe Landrum to ratify his access to original poll books with birthdates.

McDaniel is still pushing for en banc review of his case at the MS Supreme Court implying that Justice Josiah Coleman’s review was not adequate. I’m sure McDaniel’s law partners at Hortman Harlow are thrilled. Of course, there are some residual hangovers. In Rankin County, the McDaniel legal braintrust tangled with attorneys from Rankin County last week threatening to pull the clerk off of a vacation to come home and fight. Rankin County’s attorney seems to have things fairly under control.

Let me be 100% clear. Neither you nor anyone associated with the McDaniel campaign (or any other campaign for that matter) will intentionally see any voter dates of birth listed in any Rankin County, Mississippi poll books without an order from the Mississippi Supreme Court allowing it. There will be no further discussion about this. If your client intends to come to Rankin County and continue to make demand to see ANY DOBs in our poll books for any reason at all, we have nothing else to discuss.

Meanwhile, the media’s getting really impatient. State Senator Michael Watson called the JT Show on Supertalk to plead his client/friend/colleagues case. That didn’t go particularly well. Paul Hampton unloaded over the weekend on McDaniel as did Sid Salter and Sam Hall. All of them debunking various myths that have been allowed to fester.

But everyone knows that old media is dead and new media’s where it’s at, which is why there was a battle royale on a random Facebook post featuring MSGOP chair Joe Nosef, Chris McDaniel (the actual Chris McDaniel himself – from an undisclosed location) and Melanie Sojourner (bless her heart).

Joe Nosef Chris – I hate that we have to communicate this way but one thing that is very irresponsible is saying an election has been “stolen and was a sham” without producing any evidence immediately. Someone yesterday told me that was “just fundraising.” I hear you however say the responsible thing which is you will file a challenge if you find enough evidence but you won’t if you don’t. It might be better for you to have those different messages going out but it is hurting the party just like many of the things you mentioned.
We need to deal with this.

Chris McDaniel A “sham” is something other than what it purports to be.
On June 24, the GOP primary (which purports to be a mechanism by which Republicans select their nominee) was raided by more than 40,000 Democrats, who then selected our nominee.
By definition, the primary was a sham.

Melanie Sojourner Joe, there has been much to deal with that was your responsibility on behalf of maintaining the integrity of the party, but because you did not the McDaniel campaign and supporters are committed to doing so.
Conducting a thorough investigation into all actions in 82 counties, some that we have not fully gained access to, takes time. Doing this is not what’s harming the party. The shameful liberal tactics used by party leadership on Cochran’s behalf is what’s hurting the party. Further damage is being done by party leaders not defending the integrity of the party.
Stop pointing fingers and instead help clean up the house.

Maybe there’s a glimmer of hope. On Sunday, at the end of a WJTV interview said after all the research, if we see all of these irregularities are not true “We’ll take additional action . . . we’ll back down at that point.”

That’s the way it was – Days 26 & 27 of the McDaniel Hostage Crisis.

Good day Mississippi – and good luck.

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