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Lt. Gov. Reeves looks to cut costs,...

Lt. Gov. Reeves looks to cut costs, encourage job creation

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 20, 2014

Lt. Governor on a mission to cut costs

With three legislative sessions behind him, Mississippi’s Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves is talking about the record of success the state is having both in saving money and in reallocating some of those savings into education and public safety.

As lieutenant governor, Reeves is tasked with presiding over the Mississippi Senate, which means he appoints standing committees of the Senate and refers all Senate bills to committees.

During a recent interview with The Meridian Star, Reeves said the responsibility of keeping some bills off the table is as important as deciding which to refer for action.

“People are very pleased with the direction that we are headed in state government. I think people understand the difference between what’s going on in Jackson and what’s going on in Washington — that the total and complete lack of fiscal responsibility in Washington is not what’s going on in Jackson,” Reeves said. “The reason it’s not is because I’m willing to stand up and tell my friends ‘no.’ That’s not always easy, and a lot of time it upsets a lot of people.”

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