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Madison County Journal reports that...

Madison County Journal reports that Chris McDaniel votecounters tried to get reporter booted #mssen

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 10, 2014

McDaniel camp’s attempts to eject reporter from courthouse unsuccessful

At the Madison County Courthouse, an initial objection by one unidentified man representing the McDaniel camp halted the canvassing process when he left for 15 minutes to call someone with the campaign.

Upon return, he strongly objected to the reporter’s presence again, saying only members of the McDaniel camp, Cochran camp, and Circuit Clerk’s Office were able to be present.

Madison County Circuit Clerk Lee Westbrook read opinions from Attorney General Jim Hood and Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann and said as long as media weren’t touching the voter books or photographing private information they were allowed to be present.

“The Attorney General and the Secretary of State have advised that there is no specific prohibition against the press being present in an examination of boxes,” she said.

A Madison County Sheriff’s deputy was present when the examination resumed.

Instead of talking aloud like they had done prior to a reporter arriving, a McDaniel supporter would hold up the poll books and point to names for another supporter to write down.

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